Thermo Scientific™

Celestron™ TLP/VF-TLP Test System

Catalog number: 10133210
Thermo Scientific™

Celestron™ TLP/VF-TLP Test System

Catalog number: 10133210
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The Thermo Scientific™ Celestron™ TLP/VF-TLP Test System can be configured for both Standard TLP and VF-TLP for testing at the wafer level and/or package level. Optional probes can also be used to measure signals on pins or pads other than the ones being stressed. The Celestron system software is the most comprehensive in the industry and utilizes graphics to assist in system setup and connection to the DUT. During test operations, it displays the recorded TLP pulse voltage and current waveforms, compiled pulsed I-V curve, leakage current measurements, and DC I-V curve trace data. The operator can select the range of test voltages (stress pulses), pulse polarity, leakage and curve trace parameters. The position and duration of the measurement window within the TLP pulse can also be selected, and modified after the data is collected.


Electrical Requirements
120/240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Test Voltage Range
Up to 2000 V
Test System
100/240 V
Celestron TLP/VF-TLP Test System
Humidity Range
10 - 80% non-condensing
Size (English)
23 in.(l) x 22 in. (w) x 24.5 in. (h)
Size (Metric)
58.5cm (l) x 56cm (w) x 62.25cm (h)
Specifications Details
Bias supply up to ±50V and 2A DUT test fixture boards
Semi-automatic prober interface software
Custom charge lines (pulse width): 30ns to 200ns
VF-TLP charge lines: 1.2 to 10ns
Custom time delay/TDR-S cables: 10ns to 200ns
Variable pulse widths and rise times from 0.2 to 20ns
Computer switching between 3 pulse widths
Computer switching between 3 rise times
Coaxial and solid wafer probe needles
Kelvin probes to remove wafer contact resistance
Additional ground wafer probes (for TDR and TDT only)
Wafer probes of various radius tips in tungsten and copper
Temperature Range
40° to 112°F (5° to 44°C)
Weight (English)
Standard system weight: 85 lbs; Shipping weight: 200 lbs
Weight (Metric)
Standard system weight: 38.6kg; Shipping weight: 91kg
50/60 Hz
Transmission Line Pulse (TLP): Designed in compliance with the current ESD Association Standard Practice Document