Applied Biosystems™

Quantifiler™ Human DNA Quantification Kit

Catalog number: 4343895
Applied Biosystems™

Quantifiler™ Human DNA Quantification Kit

Catalog number: 4343895
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400 reactions
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Price: 2,080.00
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Catalog NumberUnit SizePrice (USD)AvailabilityQuantity
4343895400 reactions
Price: 2,080.00
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This real-time PCR-based kit is designed for the quantification of amplifiable human DNA that is present in a sample, and has been validated for human identification applications. An internal PCR control is formulated into each reaction to identify samples that may contain PCR inhibitors.

• Quantifies DNA from a wide variety of sources including buccal swabs, blood, semen, tissue, and other human DNA sources making this kit suitable for casework, databasing, and paternity labs.
• Chemistry compatible with commonly used extraction technologies for easy integration into current lab workflow.
• Pre-formulated Internal PCR Control (IPC) included in each reaction allows for quick monitoring of amplification success and identifies samples that may contain inhibitors.
• Real-time PCR has the widest dynamic range of any DNA detection technology allowing for more accurate quantification of low level samples.
• Quantifies a broad range of DNA concentrations from 0.023 ng⁄uL to>50 ng⁄uL enabling the use of a broad range of DNA concentrations.

Minimize repeat STR analysis
This kit easily integrates into a short tandem repeat (STR) analysis workflow. It provides a more accurate prediction of the amount of DNA input required for optimal STR amplification.

Easy to use, Single Tube Format
PCR reaction and quantification performed in single tube helping to minimize contamination.

Trusted TaqMan Technology
TaqMan based assays are used throughout the scientific community for scientific discovery assays including: gene expression, DNA, presence or absence of a nucleic acid, and SNP genotyping. The Quantifiler kits utilize this widely known and trusted technology for the quantification of the total male DNA (see figure 1).

Experience Matters
When you partner with Applied Biosystems, you gain access to the extensive knowledge and experience of our forensic support team and training resources. Our HID University provides continuing education for DNA professionals, our support and Applications Scientist offer over 100 years combined forensic experience, and our extensive network of Field Service Engineers provide technication assistance with instrumentation.


No. of Reactions
400 Prep
Amplicon Size
62 bases
Detection Limit
Can reproducibly detect <16 pg⁄µl of human genomic DNA
PCR Method
Shipping Condition
Dry Ice
Product Line
For Use With (Equipment)
7000 System, 7500 System
Sample Type
DNA (Genomic), Forensic Sample, Forensic Sample (Highly Degraded)
Target Gene
Human telomerase reverse transcriptase (hTERT)
Detection Method
Primer-Probe Detection

Contents & Storage

This kit contains sufficient reagents for 400 reactions:
• Quantifiler PCR Reaction Mix (store at 2 to 8°C).
• Quantifiler Human DNA Standard (store at -15 to -25°C).
• Quantifiler Human Primer Mix (store at -15 to -25°C).