E-Gel™ Imager System with UV Light Base

Catalog number: 4466611

E-Gel™ Imager System with UV Light Base

Catalog number: 4466611
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The E-Gel® Imager System is your personal imaging system for documenting and analyzing agarose gels and E-Gel® cassettes. Each E-Gel® Imager system includes a sleek and compact camera hood and one or more interchangeable bases along with two powerful software programs. There are three bases to choose from: a UV Light Base, a Blue Light Base and an E-Gel® Adaptor Base. In any of the three configurations the E-Gel® Imager system provides a small and light imaging solution that utilizes a scientific grade camera. Plus, the E-Gel® Imager is designed to work with both E-Gel® iBase™ power system and the new E-Gel® Go! Base to allow for real time documentation of electrophoresis runs using E-Gel® cassettes.

• Capture sharp, rich images with the integrated scientific grade camera
• Choose the best configuration for any stain with interchangeable bases
• Capture gel images in real time, even during a run
• Analyze your gel images using the powerful Gel Quant Express software

Powerful Yet Compact Scientific Grade Camera
The E-Gel® Imager Camera Hood is the powerhouse at the core of the E-Gel® Imager system featuring a high resolution, scientific grade camera. You’ll capture robust gel images with maximum dynamic range and sensitivity. Never lose any important bands with the E-Gel® Imager system.

Multiple Bases for Multiple Applications
Three interchangeable bases provide excellent flexibility to use multiple gel stains. The UV Light Base is best for ethidium bromide and the Blue Light Base can be used for many SYBR® dyes like SYBR® Safe dye. The E-Gel® Adaptor Base has been designed to provide power to either the E-Gel® iBase™ power system coupled to the E-Gel® Safe Imager kit, or the E-Gel® Go! Base with its integrated blue light transilluminator so E-Gel® cassettes can be run right inside the E-Gel® Imager. This allows real time image capture while samples are running on the gel.

Real Time Image Capture for the First Time
E-Gel® Imager is the first imaging system developed to allow real time imaging of E-Gel® cassettes during an electrophoresis run. All three E-Gel® Imager configurations allow you to power and run the E-Gel® iBase™ power system inside the camera hood without having to run wires through a door or under the hood. By using the E-Gel® Imager with the Adaptor Base you can also run E-Gel® Go! cassettes using the Go! Base. Either way, you’ll be able to capture real time images of your agarose gel electrophoresis run like you never have before.

Superb Image Capture and Analysis Software
There are two powerful software tools included with the E-Gel® Imager system, GelCapture and Gel Quant Express. GelCapture allows you to adjust sensitivity and exposure settings to capture the perfect image of your gel. Once you have that perfect image basic manipulations like inversion or pixel coloration can be performed. The Gel Quant Express software allows quantitation and analysis via 1D gel analysis or using the express mode. GelCapture can be downloaded and utilized on any PC, while Gel Quant Express requires a USB dongle for operation. Additional USB dongles can be purchased to use Gel Quant Express on more than one PC simultaneously.

Minimum System Requirements for GelCapture and Gel Quant Express:
• Processor – Intel® Core™2 Duo 1.8GHz
• Memory – 1Gb Ram
• OS – Windows® XP Professional SP3 (English version) or Windows® 7 Professional (English version) – must have administrator permissions for installation.
• Monitor – 1024 x 786 minimum resolution
• USB – USB 2.0 port for software dongle

These are the minimum system specifications tested for use of the hardware and software. If you have questions about these specifications please contact technical support.

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For Research Use Only. Not intended for any animal or human therapeutic or diagnostic use.


Gel Compatibility
E-Gel™, E-Gel™ 48, E-Gel™ 96, Agarose Gels
Product Line
For Use With (Equipment)
E-Gel™ Imager
Imager System with UV Light Base
Label or Dye
Ethidium bromide
System Type
E-Gel™ Imager

Contents & Storage

1 x E-Gel™ Imager Camera Hood. 1 x E-Gel™ Imager UV Light Base. 1 x E-Gel™ Imager software package. 1 x Gel Quant Express software enabling USB dongle. 1 x E-Gel Imager light diffuser. 1 x E-Gel Imager universal filter.

Store at room temperature.