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RapidMAX™ Software

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RapidMAX™ Software

Catalog number: 4473463
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RapidMAX™ Software is a simple application that automates and accelerates analysis of real-time PCR amplification curves. This software generates easy-to-view presence/absence results and Ct values in 96-well plate or table views. RapidMAX™ software utilizes a new analysis algorithm and is designed for use with our VetMAX® pathogen reagents and controls.

Features include:

• Improved workflow efficiency--rapid plate set-up and quick view of presence/absence calls in plate and table formats for faster time to results
• Simplified analysis--data analysis is fully automated without the need for visual amplification curve inspection and manual threshold adjustment.
• Standardized analysis--RapidMAX™ software uses a new control-based threshold (CBT) algorithm that minimizes the effects of variations between users, instruments, and reagents.
• Increased confidence in results--confirm calls by conveniently inspecting amplification and multi-component curves while in the plate results view.

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Automatic Analysis of Real-time PCR Data
RapidMAX™ software simplifies analysis by automatically interpreting real-time PCR amplification curves and generating presence/absence results (Figure 1). There is no need to visually inspect amplification curves, manually set thresholds, and convert Ct values to positive, negative, or suspect results. This is all done in one step by RapidMAX™ software, decreasing the time to final results. Further decreasing time to results, sample IDs can be imported from an Excel template so manual entry of each sample ID is avoided. And results can be confirmed by conveniently viewing amplification plots from the plate results screen.

RapidMAX™ Software Standardizes Results
RapidMAX™ software standardizes results in three ways: 1) the CBT algorithm analyzes the fluorescence of the positive controls and each sample well to minimize the effect of variation, 2) a single analysis method is used for all VetMAX® Reagents, and 3) no manual adjustments are necessary, reducing human error and bias.

Designed for Use with VetMAX® Pathogen Reagents and Controls
RapidMAX™ software includes assay definition files that contain CBT algorithm settings specific for each VetMAX® pathogen reagent. You control the result interpretation by entering Ct ranges that define positive, negative, and suspect results. RapidMAX™ software uses your Ct ranges to generate final results for each sample, which are shown in 96-well plate or table view (Figure 1).

Instrument Compatibility
RapidMAX™ software has been extensively tested with the Applied Biosystems® 7500 and 7500 Fast real-time PCR instruments. It is also compatible with StepOne™, StepOne™ Plus, and 96-well ViiA™ 7 data files.

Other Features

• Samples potentially affected by PCR inhibitors are flagged
• Reports can be exported in Excel, csv, and PDF formats
• Different levels of security and auditing capability are included


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