Thermo Scientific™

INSIGHT™2 Software

Catalog number: 837-001100
Thermo Scientific™

INSIGHT™2 Software

Catalog number: 837-001100
Reach consistent answers at unprecedented speed. From simple measurements to the most sophisticated research studies, Thermo Scientific™ INSIGHT™2 Software enhances the capabilities of your UV-Vis spectrophotometer. Equipped with powerful analytical tools to interpret information instantly, INSIGHT 2 software allows you to build custom QA/QC procedures to eliminate costly manual operations and increase your laboratory productivity. Add Security Suite Software to INSIGHT2 Software to help your laboratory achieve compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations for user access control and digital signatures.
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For Use WithEvolution 200 and 350 series spectrophotometers
DescriptionINSIGHT2 Software
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For Use WithEvolution 200 and 350 series spectrophotometers
DescriptionINSIGHT2 Software
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Streamlined QA/QC Analysis:

  • Automated result calculation options eliminate manual calculations and reduce user error.
  • Detailed graphical displays of calibration curves and sample run charts provide quick visual checks of system suitability and data trends.
  • Control limits and automated pass/fail interpretation provide immediate compliance results.
  • Scanning Quant includes ability to perform multiple calculations and extract parameters to create a complete analytical picture, improving method development experience.

Simplified Research Applications:

  • Multitude of data collection options and graphing features.
  • Pre-programmed peak analysis and convenient spectral processing tools aid in sample identification and quantitation for scanning measurements.
  • Multi-staged curve fitting and consecutive reaction modes provide comprehensive data fitting options for kinetics experiments.
  • Sophisticated math analysis functions, including derivatives and smoothing allow custom data display.
  • Merge workbooks feature allows quick and convenient comparison of data from multiple experiments.

Integrated Accessories:

  • Automated accessories allow complete control for superior performance with advanced sample handling requirements.
  • Calibration and alignment tools ensure accessories are performing optimally.
  • Supported temperature control accessories control and monitor reaction temperature in eight positions.
  • Programmable sipper, cell changer or autosampler accessory performs high-throughput activities with ease.
  • Hands-free performance verification and accessory calibration modules are designed for the SMART Sipper or Linear 8-Cell Changer accessory.

Optional INSIGHT with Security:
To ensure the security and integrity of your data and to help your lab comply with 21 CFR Part 11 or other regulations, select INSIGHT 2 Software with Security which pairs INSIGHT software with Thermo Scientific Security Suite software.

Security Suite is a comprehensive data security toolset, allowing you to perform the following tasks:

  • Limit and control access to features and tools in the INSIGHT software and other instrument applications.
  • Set and manage security policies to ensure proper data handling.
  • Customize and enforce digital signatures to establish responsibility.
  • Log and view security events.

Security Suite software can be used to manage a single system or to manage multiple instruments distributed on a network. After installation, configuring INSIGHT applications for security takes only moments.