BacMam LRRK2-GFP G2019S Reagent

Catalog number: A14174

BacMam LRRK2-GFP G2019S Reagent

Catalog number: A14174
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BacMam LRRK2-GFP G2019S Reagent is a modified insect cell virus (baculovirus) that enables easy, efficient, and titratable overexpression of full-length LRRK2-GFP G2019S in your choice of cellular background, including primary neurons and neuroblastoma cell lines.

BacMam LRRK2-GFP G2019S Reagent Lets You:

• Easily overexpress full-length LRRK2-GFP G2019S in most cellular backgrounds
• Visualize LRRK2 expression
• Conduct the LRRK2 cellular assays you need
• Understand the effects of therapeutically relevant LRRK2 mutations

Use BacMam Technology with GFP for Expression and Visualization of LRRK2
BacMam technology utilizes a modified baculovirus to deliver and express genes in mammalian cells with minimal effort and toxicity. It enables efficient, titratable LRRK2-GFP G2019S protein expression in various mammalian cellular backgrounds, including cell lines that may not be compatible with traditional transfection methods, such as primary neurons and neuroblastoma cell lines.

Expand Your Battery of Cellular Assays for LRRK2
Once full length LRRK2-GFP G2019S has been introduced into your cellular background, the transduced cells allow you the flexibility to conduct many types of LRRK2 experiments, including studies of regulation of physiologically functional pathways (including signaling pathways leading to function) and identification of potential physiological substrates for LRRK2.

Examine LRRK2 Mutations with BacMam Reagents
Use therapeutic mutant LRRK2-GFP G2019S along with the wild-type LRRK2-GFP (Cat No A14170) reagent to enable your research into LRRK2 mutations, including exploration of differences in cellular response to stimulus among different mutations. Use LRRK2-GFP to confirm LRRK2-GFP protein expression and compare localization of wild type with pathological mutants in various cell backgrounds, especially primary neurons.

For research use only. Not intended for human or animal therapeutic or diagnostic use.

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Contents & Storage

Recombinant baculovirus particles suspended in Gibco™ Sf-900™ III SFM media (Cat# 12658) supplemented with 3% heat-inactivated fetal bovine serum (hiFBS) (Cat# 10100).

Store at 4°C, DO NOT FREEZE, KEEP STERILE, protect from light, aliquot upon arrival.