Informational:This kit contains a rabbit Tb-anti-GST antibody—an equivalent kit containing a goat-sourced antibody is also available.

LanthaScreen™ TR-FRET VDR Coactivator Assay Kit, rabbit

Catalog number: A15127

LanthaScreen™ TR-FRET VDR Coactivator Assay Kit, rabbit

Catalog number: A15127
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800 x 20 µL assays
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This kit contains Rabbit Tb-Anti-GST antibody; other kit components are the same as kit PV4554:

The LanthaScreen® TR-FRET Vitamin D Receptor (VDR) Coactivator Assay Kit provides a sensitive and robust method for high-throughput screening of potential VDR ligands as agonists of coactivator recruitment. The kit uses a terbium (Tb)-labeled anti-GST antibody, a fluorescein-labeled coactivator peptide, and a VDR ligand-binding domain (VDR-LBD) that is tagged with glutathione-S-transferase (GST), in a homogenous mix-and-read assay format.

The assay
To run the LanthaScreen® TR-FRET VDR Coactivator Assay, VDR-LBD is added to ligand test compounds, followed by addition of a mixture of the fluorescein-coactivator peptide and Tb-anti-GST antibody. After room temperature incubation, the TR-FRET 520:495 emission ratio is calculated and used to determine the EC50 from a dose response curve of the compound. Based upon the biology of the VDRcoactivator peptide interaction, this ligand EC50 is a composite value representing the amount of ligand required to bind to receptor, effect a conformational change, and recruit coactivator peptide (Figure 1).

Contents and Storage:
The LanthaScreen® TR-FRET VDR Coactivator Assay Kit contains the VDR-LBD (GST) protein, fluorescein-labeled TRAP220/DRIP-2 coactivator peptide, Tb-anti-GST antibody, and buffers. Store components as indicated in the assay protocol (-80°C, -20°C, or +4°C).
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Contents & Storage

Tb-anti-GST Antibody (Rabbit): Store at -20 °C
VDR-LBD, GST: Store at -80 °C
Fluoroscein Coactivator Peptide: Store at -20 °C
TR-FRET Coregulatore Buffer G: Store at 4 °C
1M DTT: Store at -20 °C or -80 °C