PolarScreen™ Androgen Receptor Competitor Assay Kit, Green

Catalog number: A15880

PolarScreen™ Androgen Receptor Competitor Assay Kit, Green

Catalog number: A15880
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800 x 20 µL assays
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A15880800 x 20 µL assays
Price: 1,672.00
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The PolarScreen™ Androgen Receptor Competitor Assay Kit, Green, provides a sensitive and efficient method for high-throughput, fluorescence polarization-based screening of potential androgen receptor (AR) ligands. The kit uses insect cell-expressed, rat AR-ligand binding domain tagged with glutathione-S-transferase (GST) and histidine (also available separately), plus a novel, high-affinity, fluorescent androgen ligand (Fluormone™ AL Green) in a homogenous, mix-and-read assay format.

This kit produces a green color read-out; a 'red' kit is also available. Both kits suitably determine the IC50s of competitive compounds. Color choice depends on the spectral properties of the compounds to be screened and the available instrumentation. For additional information or assistance contact us at drugdiscoverytech@lifetech.com.

The PolarScreen Androgen Receptor Competitor Assay is:

• Complete & ready-to-use out of the box—all reagents included, just add your test compounds
• High throughput compatible—fluorescence polarization assays in a 384-well plate
• Convenient—components available in bulk sizes for larger screening needs

How the Assay Works
The kit uses the rat AR ligand-binding domain tagged with His and GST [AR-LBD(His-GST)]. AR-LBD(His-GST) is added to a fluorescently-tagged androgen ligand (FluormoneAL Green) in the presence of competitor test compounds in microwell plates. The presence of effective competitors prevents the formation of a AL Green/AR-LBD(His-GST) complex, resulting in a decrease of the polarization value due to ligand displacement caused by a competitor. The shift in polarization value in the presence of test compounds is used to determine relative affinity of test compounds for AR-LBD(His-GST).

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Product Line
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Competitive Binding Assay, Nuclear Receptor Assay

Contents & Storage

1 tube AR Ligand Binding Domain GST/His-tagged Recombinant Protein (store at -68 to -85°C)
1 tube of Fluormone AL Green (store at -5 to -30°C)
2 bottles of Screening Buffer (store at -5 to -30°C)
1 tube of 1 M DTT (store at -68 to -85°C)