Neutron Generators

Engineered devices designed specifically to support neutron detection found within the laboratory, within security applications (explosive, chemical and drug detection) and in industrial settings (oil and mining as well as bulk material).
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NRD 9in. Neutron Ball with BF3 Tube Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ NRD 9in. Neutron Ball is a popular REM detector that uses a moderated BF3 tube supplying neutron sensitivity and gamma rejection. It measures neutron dose rate from Thermal through Fast.

miniGen Neutron Generator Thermo Scientific™

Detect explosives and WMDs with a system that includes the Thermo Scientific™ miniGen Neutron Generator. The miniGen Neutron Generator is a compact, lightweight neutron generator. It is an ideal enabling technology for safety and security applications such as inspecting vehicles and cargo for...

RadEye™ X Series Survey Meters Thermo Scientific™

Be prepared for virtually any radiation contamination scenario. The Thermo Scientific™ Radeye™ X Series Survey Meters comprise three different types of compact, multi-purpose survey meters suited for a wide range of applications where personnel risk radiation exposure, whether they are emergency...

MP 320 Neutron Generator Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ MP 320 is a lightweight, portable neutron generator suited for most demanding field or laboratory applications. It has very low power requirements and may be operated from battery or vehicle power sources.

FHT 762 Wendi-2 Wide-Energy Neutron Detector Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ FHT 762 Wendi-2 Wide-Energy Neutron Detector features high sensitivity and an excellent energy and angular response provided by the WENDI-2 design originally developed at Los Alamos. Fits to FHT 6020 area monitor and FH 40 G survey meter.

P 211 Neutron Generator Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ P 211 is designed so that zero neutrons are produced between pulses. Assures that no neutrons are produced between pulses, which is critical for applications measuring neutron die away from the neutron burst.

RadEye™ GN and GN+ Gamma Neutron Pagers Thermo Scientific™

Early warning of harmful nuclear materials is critical for first responder safety. Thermo Scientific™ RadEye™ GN and GN+ Gamma Neutron Pagers are highly sensitive radiation detection devices that warn of rising levels of gamma and neutron radiation and immediately classify the gamma source (NORM/non...

B 320 Neutron Generator Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ pulsed neutron generator is specially configured for borehole operations in oilfield services, mineral exploration, and environmental applications.

RadEye™ NL Personal Highly Sensitive Neutron Radiation Detectors Thermo Scientific™

Neutrons are used for material characterization in geological and geochemical sciences, material sciences and medical research. Personnel who work with neutron radiation need special instrumentation to monitor their radiation exposure and provide rapid warning of neutron radiation fields.

D 711 Neutron Generator Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ D 711 is a proven and reliable high yield design for fixed installations that offers advantages in total neutron production, higher maximum neutron output and easy accelerator head installation. D 711 is designed with an all-digital control system.

API 120 Neutron Generator Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ Neutron Generator is compact, portable for elemental analysis. Inelastic scattering reactions are the basis for elemental imaging using the APl technique.

P 385 Neutron Generator Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ P 385 Neutron Generator incorporates the next-generation of digital control and produces the highest yield that doesn't require active cooling. P 385 is compact and has very good operating economies because of its long-life neutron tube design.

RadEye™ NBR High Sensitivity Gamma Radiation Monitor Thermo Scientific™

First responders must quickly identify radioactive material and discriminate between natural and artificial gamma radiation during active search missions. The Thermo Scientific™ RadEye™ NBR (Natural Background Rejection) High Sensitivity Gamma Radiation Monitor discriminates between natural and...