Microbiology Environmental Systems

Microbiology Environmental Systems

Microbiology environmental systems are instruments and equipment designed to facilitate cultivation of microorganisms through control of environmental conditions. Products include full systems, instruments, and accessories.
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Pathatrix™ Auto Instrument Applied Biosystems™

The Pathatrix® Auto Instrument quickly and easily concentrates pathogens and spoilage organisms from a wide range of food and environmental sample matrices for downstream testing by PCR, immunoassay or culture.

AnaeroPack™ 2.5L Rectangular Jar Thermo Scientific™

Mitsubishi™ AnaeroPack 2.5L Rectangular Jar is an anaerobic jar with easy-close lid.

AnaeroPouch™-Clip Thermo Scientific™

Mitsubishi™ AnaeroPouch-Clip is used to seal AnaeroPouch-Bag, Part No. R686001.

AnaeroPack™ Rectangular Jar Lid Thermo Scientific™

Mitsubishi™ AnaeroPack Rectangular Jar Lid is a replacement part for anaerobic jar.

Oxoid™ AnaeroGen™ Compact Sachet Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid™ AnaeroGen™ Compact Sachet is a simple anaerobic gas generator system for the anaerobic incubation of up to four petri dishes or an identification panel.

AnaeroPouch™-Bag Thermo Scientific™

Mitsubishi™ AnaeroPouch-Bag is used to hold AnaeroPouch-Anaero, AnaeroPouch-MicroAero, and AnaeroPouch-CO2 gas generators.

Oxoid™ CO2 Gen™ Sachet Thermo Scientific™

Generate carbon dioxide atmosphere in AnaeroJar™ 2.5L with Oxoid CO2 Gen Sachet.

Oxoid™ AnaeroGen™ 2.5L Sachet Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid AnaeroGen 2.5L Sachets are anaerobic gas generating sachets for use with Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid 2.5L jar, Part No. AG0025A.

AnaeroPouch™-Keep System Thermo Scientific™

Reduce prepared culture media to less than 0.1% oxygen in 8 hours with Mitsubishi™ AnaeroPouch-Keep, an oxygen-absorbing system, for use in cultivation of anaerobic bacteria.

Oxoid™ AnaeroJar™ 2.5L Thermo Scientific™

Oxoid AnaeroJar 2.5L Jar comes complete with 2.5L capacity polycarbonate jar base and lid secured to base by four self-venting clips.

AnaeroPack™-Anaero Anaerobic Gas Generator Thermo Scientific™

Mitsubishi™ AnaeroPack-Anaero is used for cultivation of anaerobic microorganisms without the addition of water or use of a catalyst.

Oxoid™ AnaeroJar™ Base, Jar Thermo Scientific™

Oxoid AnaeroJar Base is a polycarbonate jar base for use with AnaeroJar 2.5L, Part No. AG0025A.

AnaeroPack™ 0.4L Rectangular Jar Thermo Scientific™

Mitsubishi™ AnaeroPack 0.4L Rectangular Jar is an anaerobic jar with easy-close lid.

Oxoid™ CampyGen™ 2.5L Sachet Thermo Scientific™

Produce suitable gaseous atmosphere for growth of microaerophilic microorganisms with Oxoid CampyGen 2.5L Sachet.

AnaeroPack™-CO2 Generator Thermo Scientific™

Mitsubishi™ AnaeroPack-CO2 is used for cultivation of CO2 dependent microorganisms such as Haemophilus and Neisseria spp.
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