Alkylation Reagents

Alkylation Reagents

Solutions of various chemical compositions formulated for use in gas chromatography or GC-MS compound analyses via alkylation.
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Pentafluorobenzyl Bromide (PFBBr) Alkylation Reagent Thermo Scientific™

Derivatize carboxyl acids, phenols, and sulfonamides for electron-capture detection (ECD) GC analysis with the Thermo Scientific™ Pentafluorobenzyl Bromide (PFBBr) Alkylation Reagent. Reaction times are fast (∼20 minutes).

Methylate Reagent (DMFDMA) Thermo Scientific™

For easy, effective preparation of methyl esters from fatty acids and amino acids use Thermo Scientific™ Methylate Reagent (DMFDMA). Reactions are typically complete upon dissolution (except for long-chain solid acids) and quantitative yields are obtained when reagent and sample are injected without...

MethElute™ Reagent (TMPAH) Thermo Scientific™

For accurate, sensitive, on-column methylation and detection by GC analysis use Thermo Scientific™ MethElute™ Reagent (TMPAH). It is ideally suited for the quantitative methylation and detection of barbiturates, sedatives, xanthine bases, phenolic alkaloids, and phenytoin, giving a single...