Materials Testing Instruments

Materials Testing Instruments

Materials testing instruments are designed for detecting, measuring, and testing various properties of a wide range of materials. Products are suitable for various materials applications and include measurement and control systems, gauges, meters, and accessories.
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IPlus! Measurement and Control System for Extrusion Thermo Scientific™

Uniform product thickness and the ability to produce flat rolls for secondary processes, such as thermoforming and slitting, is critical for film and sheet manufacturers. The Thermo Scientific™ IPlus! Measurement and Control System for Extrusion is a highly reliable, simple and cost-effective...

21PlusHD Measurement and Control System for Coating and Converting Thermo Scientific™

The performance of barrier layers in laminated products such as aseptic packaging is critical for food packaging manufacturers. Similarly, for manufacturers of adhesive coatings, maintaining proper adhesive coverage on their products is essential.

APEX 100 Entry Level Metal Detector Thermo Scientific™

Confidently protect your products from common metal contaminants found in food production with the cost-effective Thermo Scientific™ APEX 100 Entry Level Metal Detector. Using the same industry-leading, high-performance magnetic, electronics and software technology that’s found in the Thermo...

Non-contact Metallic Coating Gauges Thermo Scientific™

Galvanized sheet is a value added steel product consumed in a wide variety of end uses, from automobiles to building products. Steel producers are challenged to provide high quality, uniform coatings while optimizing their production processes.

SC 4000 Oil and Lubricant Film Gauge Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ SC 4000 portable oil film and lubricant measurement system has been discontinued. Service and spare parts for this product will continue until March 2015. If you have any service needs, please contact service using the link on the right hand side of this page.

Beta Plus™ Basis Weight Transmission Sensor Thermo Scientific™

Save on raw materials, reduce scrap, improve yields, and produce higher quality products. The Thermo Scientific™ Beta Plus™ Basis Weight Transmission Sensor provides accurate on-line basis weight measurements for a variety of web gauging processing applications.

Conveyors for Metal Detectors Thermo Scientific™

Enhance the functionality of your Sentinel and APEX metal detectors with conveyors that are easy to configure, install, and service. Thermo Scientific™ Quickfit™ Metal Detector Conveyors are suitable for most food packaging and bulk flow metal detection applications.

Sarasota Liquid Density Meters--FD910 and FD950 Thermo Scientific™

Measure density or density-related variables with Thermo Scientific™ Sarasota Liquid Density Meters--FD910 and FD950*. These meters are for use within the oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, food and beverage, and general process industries.

Noncontact Thickness Gauges for Hot Plate Lines Thermo Scientific™

The RM 200 EG Plate Thickness Gauge has been discontinued. Service and spare parts for the RM 200 EG will continue until 2022. If you have any service requirements, please contact our service team.

Sarasota SG901 (formerly SG900) Specific Gravity Analyzer Thermo Scientific™

Measure the density, pressure and temperature of dry and wet gases with the Thermo Scientific™ Sarasota SG901 (formerly SG900) Specific Gravity Analyzer, a self-contained bypass sample conditioner. The compact model features fast response and continuous, high accuracy measurements to 0.

Sarasota Gas Density Meters--FD900, ID900 and PD900 Thermo Scientific™

Reliably measure density or density related variables in the oil and gas, petrochemical and power industries with Thermo Scientific™ Sarasota Gas Density Meters. These meters offer near real-time control signal availability and ensure plant efficiency and vitality.

APEX 300 Flexible Metal Detector Thermo Scientific™

Feel confident you are protecting your brand with the compact, flexible Thermo Scientific™ APEX 300 Flexible Metal Detector. Designed with increased sensitivity, the APEX 300 metal detector is small, easy-to-install and can be customized to fit your drop through, pipeline and check weighing needs.

APEX 500/300 HD (Heavy Duty) Metal Detector Thermo Scientific™

Eliminate expensive downtime, service costs and repair bills with a uniquely-designed metal detector suited for a wide range of demanding food processing and packaging environments. The rugged Thermo Scientific™ APEX 500/300 HD Metal Detectors can survive harsh washdown, mechanical vibration and...

APEX 500 Rx Pharmaceutical Metal Detector Thermo Scientific™

Achieve cost-effective, industry-leading sensitivity in the most demanding pharmaceutical environments while meeting the U.S. Federal Drug Administration's (FDA) stringent requirements for validated production with the Thermo Scientific™ APEX 500 Rx Pharmaceutical Metal Detector.

DCA 322 Radian Dynamic Content Angle Analyzer Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ DCA 322 Radian Dynamic Content Angle Analyzer has been discontinued, however we continue to provide services and support for this product. Please see below for available services and support for the Thermo Scientific DCA 322 Radian Dynamic Content Angle Analyzer.
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