Sample Preservation Containers

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Chemical Preservative Vialservatives™ Thermo Scientific™

Simplify field preservation while minimizing chemical handling and potential exposure with Thermo Scientific™ Vialservatives—pre-formulated and aliquoted re-sealable threaded vials. Ready for field use, Vialservatives make proper preservation at the point of sample collection convenient and safer...

Pre-Preserved Environmental Sample Containers Thermo Scientific™

Simplify field preservation with Thermo Scientific™ Chemically-Preserved Environmental Sample Containers and enjoy peace of mind as well as convenience. Using certified containers and chemicals reduces the risk of container and preservative contamination.

Chemical Preservative Glass Ampoules Thermo Scientific™

Save the time and tedium associated with diluting and aliquoting chemicals for environmental sample preservation by using pre-mixed Thermo Scientific™ Chemical Preservative Glass Ampoules. Our pre-formulated and aliquoted glass ampoules are ready for field use.