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SNaPshot™ Multiplex Kit

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The SNaPshot™ Multiplex Kit is part of the SNaPshot™ Multiplex System. The SNaPshot™ Multiplex System primer extension-based method enables multiplexing up to 10 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). Use this system to screen and confirm SNPs, detect minor sequence variations, assess DNA methylation, fingerprint bacterial artificial chromosomes (BACs) or general labeling of restriction fragments.

• Interrogate up to 10 SNPs from different amplicons in a single base extension reaction
• Separate SNP loci that differ by a single base pair
• Increased sensitivity compared to standard sequencing allows detection of minor variants (e.g. somatic mutations) in a test sample
• Reduce the complexity of your experiments with this easy to use and cost-efficient genotyping system
• A large body of scientifc literature demonstrates the utility for genotyping, mutation detection and mapping

The SNaPshot™ Multiplex Kit is a part of the SNaPshot™ Multiplex System:
1) SNaPshot™ Multiplex Kit (100, 1000, 5000 reaction sizes)
2) GeneScan™-120 LIZ™ Size Standard
3) Matrix Standard Set DS-02 for dye set E5 appropriate for your instrument

Each of the three components above is required to run the SNaPshot™ Multiplex Kit. The Matrix Standard set, however, is only required at a one-time initial set up to calibrate the instrument for the SNaPshot-specific dye set E5.

4) GeneMapper™ Software v.4.0 (or higher version) is the recommended secondary data analysis software that enables set up of user-defined panels and bins for automated data analysis.

Alternatively, simple, manual peak analysis is possible using PeakScanner™ 1.0 software (free download from website) for the 310, 3100. 3130, and 3730 instruments (PeakScanner™ is not compatible with data from 3500 instruments). For the 3500 instruments the primary data analysis software on the instrument allows fragment sizing and color separation similar to PeakScanner™.

5) The SNaPshot primer Focus Kit (4329538) is a useful accessory kit for single experiment or assay (panel) design: Analyze individual primers for their approximate sizing location. This will determine whether or not two oligonucleotides will produce overlapping signals when run simultaneously and enable the setting of proper loci windows (bins) for GeneMapper analysis software.

Screen and Confirm SNPs
The SNaPshot™ Multiplex System is the perfect tool for SNP screening and validation. The kit offers a one-tube single-base extension⁄termination reagent to label DNA fragments. Run DNA fragments on any Applied Biosystems™ capillary electrophoresis instrument with the GeneScan™-120 LIZ™ Size Standard to indicate the size of labeled fragments. Then use GeneMapper™ Software to analyze the data and generate allele calls. The SNaPshot™ Multiplex Kit allows multiplexing during single-base extension of up to 10 primer-template combinations in a single tube-single capillary format.

Assess DNA Methylation
The study of methylation⁄epigenetics is emerging as an important component of cancer research. In a typical assay to detect methylation, bisulfite treatment of DNA deaminates non-methylated cytosine and converts it to uracil while methylated cytosine remains unreactive. The subsequent step of PCR amplification coverts uracil bases to thymine. Use SNaPshot™ todetect the base differences in treated and untreated samples to learn the methylation status of your samples.

Fingerprint BACs
New BAC libraries require a rapid, efficient method for characterization (also called fingerprinting) and assembly of clones into contigs (contiguous consensus sequences), which are then arrayed into physical maps of the chromosome. Use the SNaPshot™ Multiplex Kit to fingerprint clones by labeling BAC fragments after digestion with restriction endonucleases. The labeled fragments can then be separated and detected on any Applied Biosystems™ capillary electrophoresis instrument. Sizing information from GeneMapper™ Software v 4.0 or higher is imported into subsequent editing and contig assembly programs.

In a similar fashion, any restriction fragment with a 5' overhang can be labeled with a fluorescent dye using the SNaPshot™ reagent.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostics procedures.


Description: SNaPshot™ Multiplex Kit, 100 rxns, Capillary Electrophoresis Detection Method, DNA Sample Type, AmpliTaq™ DNA Polymerase, SNPs (Known) Genotyping Target, Multiplexing High Throughput Compatibility, Unlabelled Oligos Primer-Probe Compatibility
Detection Method: Capillary Electrophoresis
Format: Tube
Hot Start: No
No. of Reactions: 100 Reactions
Polymerase: AmpliTaq™ DNA Polymerase
Reaction Speed: 8 hrs
Sample Type: DNA
Technique: SNP Genotyping (Fragment Analysis-Based), Primer Extension
For Use With (Equipment): 310 Genetic Analyzer, 3130xl Genetic Analyzer, 3730xl DNA Analyzer, SeqStudio Genetic Analyzer, 3730 DNA Analyzer, 3500xL Genetic Analyzer, 3500 Genetic Analyzer
High-throughput Compatibility: Multiplexing
No. of Reactions: 100 Reactions
Primer Probe Compatibility: Unlabeled Oligos
Product Line: SNaPshot™
Product Type: Multiplex Kit
Shipping Condition: Dry Ice
Software: GeneMapper™ Software
Species: All Species
Target: SNPs (Known)
Test Time: 8 hr.
For Use With (Application): Sequencing

Contents & storage

• SNaPshot™ Multiplex Ready Reaction Mix (for 100 reactions)
• SNaPshot™ Multiplex Control Primer Mix (30 μl)
• SNaPshot™ Multiplex Control Template (60 μl)

Store at -15°C to -25°C in a constant-temperature freezer.