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Your work in biotechnology at the dawn of a new era of evolving therapies and diagnotics inspires and motivates us to strive harder every day to support your efforts.

Whether you are on the path to developing groundbreaking therapeutics or diagnostics or providing services that help boost research and manufacturing, we know your determination to succeed is driven by a passion to advance the understanding and treatment of disease. We believe in your pursuit and share your goals.

In the highly competitive and ever-changing biotech market, customers like you have shared with us the significant funding, regulatory, and time-constraint challenges. To overcome them and help solve some of the world’s most urgent problems, you need the right partner.

We want to be that partner—enabling you to efficiently accelerate innovation and achieve tangible results, from discovery to commercialization. We invite you to connect with us, to get to know our dedicated and experienced professionals, to discover our unrivaled breadth of scalable tools, services, and support, and to let us help you bring your solution to market and your vision to life.


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Our mission at Thermo Fisher Scientific is to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. We view our partners in the biotechnology sector as vital to fulfilling this mission.

As a company with the resources and expertise to support every aspect of your development process, we are uniquely poised to help you succeed.

You are the innovators who introduce effective new therapeutics; enhance the reliability and consistency of diagnostics; and provide services that help researchers and manufacturers conduct their essential work. We are an industry-leading team that has your back; your extra edge in a tough environment; the only partner you need to source the products, services, resources, and support—backed by unrivaled scientific and marketplace savvy—that can help you make a difference for the future of health care.

Partner with us and you are connected to a team of consultative professionals with knowledge across the biotechnology industry, from the lab, to compliance, to commercialization. We empower you with expert, hands on technical support. Our proven track record of helping facilitating scientific advancements is built on the foundation of our unmatched portfolio of trusted, high-quality products and technologies, widely regarded as best-in-class in the industry.

Everything we do to support our biotech partners is ultimately driven by our mutual goal of improving health outcomes. At Thermo Fisher Scientific, we help you anticipate and conquer the inevitable challenges with highly informed, fast, reliable, scalable, and cost-effective solutions.

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