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A key to scientific exploration is not just getting answers, it’s about formulating the right questions that will make a difference in the world. For nearly 40 years, Applied Biosystems solutions have been built to help you take on every question.

We want to inspire you to ask these questions. Because the most important thing you can do is ask another question. Without constant questioning, world-changing discoveries cannot be found.

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Instruments and research services

We offer you the gold standard in real-time PCR instrumentation. With our Applied Biosystems real-time PCR platforms, you get true value with excellent performance, reliability, and world-class support. 

Applied Biosystems Microarray Research Services Laboratory (MRSL) is a high-throughput genotyping and expression analysis facility that offers affordable and fast genotyping and expression services for large-scale, microarray-based studies.

The compact, easy-to-use Applied Biosystems RapidHIT ID System can generate forensic DNA results in virtually any setting in as little as 90 minutes. Let us equip you to do what you do best—even better.

Applied Biosystems genetic analyzers are a trusted standard for Sanger sequencing and fragment analysis by capillary electrophoresis. Versatile and innovative, our genetic analyzers have been designed with you in mind to meet the demands of your genetic testing needs. 

Our engineers have been designing and manufacturing high-quality thermal cyclers since 1987. In that time, Applied Biosystems thermal cyclers have built a reputation for reliability, accuracy, and user-friendly interfaces. We offer a thermal cycler for every challenge, application, and budget.

Assays, kits, and reagents
TaqMan Real-time PCR Assays: TaqMan real-time PCR (qPCR) assays
Sanger Sequencing and Fragment Analysis: Sanger sequencing and fragment analysis for capillary electrophoresis reagents and kits
PCR Enzymes and Master Mixes: PCR enzymes, master mixes, reagents, and kits
Real-time PCR: Real-time PCR (qPCR) enzymes, master mixes, reagents, and kits
Clariom Assays for transcriptome analysis: Clariom Assays and arrays for transcriptome analysis using microarrays
Axiom arrays for genotyping: Axiom arrays for genotyping using microarrays

Applied Biosystems key applications

Comprehensive solutions for gene expression profiling, screening, validation, and biomarker analysis.

These solutions enable producers to develop healthier, more efficient crops and livestock to help nourish the world's growing population.

Solutions include a rapid DNA platform for use in forensics and law enforcement applications. 

Gain confidence in your results with trusted Applied Biosystems real-time PCR instruments, TaqMan Assays, and SYBR Green master mixes.

Explore Sanger sequencing and fragment analysis applications with Applied Biosystems genetic analysis systems using gold standard technology.

We offer SEQ rapid molecular methods for pharmaceutical manufacturing to help ensure the quality and safety of your pharmaceutical products.

Scientists employing genotyping analysis are looking to untangle the complex relationships between genotype and phenotype in studies focused on SNPs, indels, and CNVs.

Dependable chemistry, flexible platforms, government-licensed testing solutions—they’re all critical in setting new farm animal testing standards.

Our comprehensive portfolio of reproductive health solutions can help you achieve your goals and positively impact families around the world. 

Robust and reliable Applied Biosystems thermal cyclers, PCR enzymes, and reagents help you achieve success for virtually any application.

Innovative products, tools, services, and resources that help advance the work of researchers via microarray analysis.

Discover MagMAX Technology and the power of magnetic bead-based kits for nucleic acid purification. Purify high-quality nucleic acids from a variety sample types.

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