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From the first time you culture cells and throughout your career journey, we can connect you with the trusted culture formulations that match your experiments and a portfolio of proven, scalable solutions to deliver your products to market.

Gibco media, sera, supplements, cells, cell culture reagents and talented support teams are all designed to empower your work. And our technical, scientific and regulatory professionals are always available to help you keep your work moving forward.

By staying a step beyond the science, we connect you with the critical information and resources you need for the life of your research, your organization, and the life of your career in pursuit of pushing boundaries everywhere.


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We are proud to celebrate the science and celebrate you. Cell Culture Heroes connects PhD and postdoc researchers from around the world through inspirational posts and engaging webinars, shining a light on their amazing stories, cutting-edge work and game-changing results.

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Connect with more environmentally sustainable science. We’ve developed over 50 product lines that can meet your precise needs in the lab and don’t sacrifice on performance, while having a less harmful impact on the environment.

Key applications

Mammalian cell culture

Gibco media, sera, and reagents alongside Nunc Cell Culture Plastics and Invitrogen Transfection Reagents, comprise an end-to-end offering to support your mammalian cell culture needs.


Custom Gibco cell culture media and services for developers and manufacturers of biologics

Stem cell culture

Gibco cells, media, growth factors, and supplements for stem cell culture

Organoids, spheroids & 3D cell culture

Organoids, spheroids, and the study of cells as 3D models show great potential in many applications including disease modeling and regenerative medicine

Drug development

Gibco primary hepatocytes, media, and supplements offer the stable foundation you need to more confidently screen compounds for potential effects to liver function


Gibco media and supplements optimized for clinical cytogenetic protocols

Cancer cell culture

Gibco media, sera, and reagents for cancer cell lines, spheroids and organoids


Streamline your neurobiology experiments, and obtain reliable results with trusted Gibco products and technologies

Primary cell culture

Primary cell culture systems optimized for each cell type

Extracellular matrices (ECM)

Our Gibco extracellular matrices, scaffolds, and proteins provide in vivo–like morphology and physiologically relevant environments for more realistic cell biology and better intercellular interactions.

Protein expression

Easy-to-use protein expression systems that deliver high protein yields for every downstream application

Cell therapy systems

Media, supplement, and growth factors for cell therapy applications


Gibco Cell Culture Basics Resource Hub

This rich content hub can get you started on your way to confident cell culture with handbooks, videos and virtual labs.

Cell culture workflow

From culture to discovery, every passage, every step, you’re covered.

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