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Browse and learn from our spotlight articles containing practical technical tips to help you get the meaningful results you need at the bench. This collection of articles spans PCR, molecular cloning, reverse transcription, and more. Come back often as we are always adding new content to help you advance your molecular biology applications.

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Reverse transcriptionOvercoming hurdles in cDNA synthesis
3 ways to boost reverse transcriptase enzyme performance
Reverse transcriptionUnderstanding the Molecular Evolution of a Reverse Transcriptase
Directed evolution helped build a better reverse transcriptase
Isothermal amplificationThe long and short of isothermal amplification
Learn the advantages of LAMP and WGA
PCR3 questions to ask when choosing a PCR enzyme
Consider high-fidelity enzymes for accuracy, high-processivity enzymes for long templates, and hot-start enzymes for specificity
PCRGenotype them gently
Direct PCR master mixes for animal-friendly genotyping
PCRHow is hot-start technology beneficial for your PCR?
Hot-start technology and benefits for better PCR
PCRPCR infographic
Infographic on the polymerase chain reaction
PCRBasic principles of qRT-PCR
Build a strong foundation
PCRPerfect for fast and robust routine PCR
Phire Hot Start II DNA polymerase
PCRThe power of two
Fusion DNA polymerases
PCROptimizing Tm and annealing
Using the Tm calculator
PlasticsUltimate high-performance PCR consumables
Armadillo PCR plates
Molecular cloningChecking your T4 DNA ligase activity
Two easy-to-do control experiments
PCRThe history of PCR
The evolution of DNA polymerases
Molecular cloningMolecular cloning infographic
Fun facts on molecular cloning
Molecular cloningThermo Scientific cloning workflow
Choose the right tools
Molecular cloning5 screening methods every scientist should know
Verify that your gene of interest was successfully cloned
Molecular cloning5 cloning shortcuts from Thermo Scientific
Streamline your workflow with these cloning tools
Molecular cloningA T7 mission for high yields of RNA transcripts
TranscriptAid T7 high yield transcription kit
Nucleic acid electrophoresisForget the powder!
TopVision agarose tablets
Nucleic acid electrophoresis8 DNA ladder tips
Improve your electrophoresis results
Nucleic acid electrophoresisAmbient shipping–decrease packaging waste
Thermo Scientific DNA ladders
Restriction and modifying176 restriction enzymes, 1 buffer
FastDigest restriction enzymes
Restriction and modifying7 common issues with restriction digestion reactions and how to avoid them


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