dNTPs, NTPs & Modified Nucleotides

Thermo Scientific dNTPs, NTPs, and modified nucleotides have been extensively tested and verified for use in a wide variety of molecular biology applications, including PCR, real-time PCR, high-fidelity PCR, long PCR, cDNA synthesis, RT-PCR, RCA, MDA, DNA labeling, DNA sequencing, in vitro transcription, siRNA synthesis, and RNA amplification.

All dNTP and NTP formulations are designed for convenience and flexibility.  Standard nucleotides are supplied as 100 mM solutions, and nucleotides mixes are available in 2mM, 10mM, 25mM or 100 mM concentration for each nucleotide in the mix.


  • High purity (>99%) according to HPLC (Figure 1)
  • Free from DNase, RNase, and inhibitors of qPCR, PCR and RT
  • Stable for 3 years at -20oC
  • Available in custom formulations and for commercial supply

Quality testing helps ensure exceptional performance of dNTPs or NTPs in your molecular biology experiments. Assessments are made using a number of analytical methods (Table 1; Figure 1).

Table 1. Qualitative parameters and specifications

PhysicalConcentration100 + 3 mM
AppearanceClear, colorless solution
pH value7.3-7.5
Stability at -20oC36 months
HPLCdNTP> 99% purity
NTP> 99% purity
Pyrophosphate< 0.003 pmol PPi/pmol dNTP
FunctionalDNase, RNase and nicking activity Not detectable
Bacterial DNA (qPCR, E.Coli 23S rRNA)Not detectable
Human DNA contamination (qPCR, human gDNA)Not detectable

Figure 1. Relative HPLC profiles of ≥99% pure dNTPs. HPLC analysis shows greater than 99% triphosphate purity with undetectable mono-, di-,  and tetraphosphate forms.

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