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As a world leader in serving science, Thermo Fisher Scientific is a major manufacturer and supplier of chemicals with over 120,000 products for your fine, analytical, and life science needs.

Our goal is to deliver chemicals that empower scientists to address the complex challenges they encounter in both research and commercial applications, even as we target environmental sustainability as an ongoing, continuous pursuit.

If you’re looking for choice, quality, and supply assurance, you can rely on Thermo Fisher Scientific as your trusted partner for chemicals!

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Our brands

The Thermo Fisher Scientific laboratory chemicals portfolio includes the following product brands, available on or through other websites:

Thermo Scientific  Includes a growing portfolio of solvents and reagents that help maximize chromatography productivity and achieve reproducibility, as well as a selected range of biochemicals and life science products.
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Acros Organics  A portfolio of over 18,000 chemicals that includes organometallics, ultra-pure inorganics, metal catalysts, ligands, and coupling reagents facilitating all aspects of chemistry research.
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Alfa Aesar  A catalog of over 38,000 products in multiple sizes and purity levels, including novel organics and organometallics, precious metal compounds and catalysts, biochemical reagents, and performance materials for electronics and nanotechnology.
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Maybridge  A specialist in producing innovative screening and fragment libraries as well as heterocyclic chemical building blocks—high-quality, hit-like, lead-like, and drug-like compounds that help shorten the drug discovery process for medicinal chemists and pharma/biopharma researchers.
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Chemicals from the following product brands are available through Fisher Scientific:

Fisher Chemical  A comprehensive portfolio of solvents and reagents for laboratories engaged in research, development, and analysis at any level.
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Fisher BioReagents  High-quality, high-purity, and pre-qualified reagents that meet your requirements for a variety of life science applications.
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Our products

Our chemicals enable innovation, increase productivity, and improve safety. We have an extensive catalog portfolio for a broad range of laboratories, including organic, inorganic, analytical, life science, and applied, and our custom chemical offerings provide flexible solutions for research and further manufacturing.

Scientists working in various laboratory settings

Analytical chemistry

Dry reagents, salts, acids, solutions, standards, and high-purity solvents for product analysis and compound purification

Life science

Essential reagents pre-qualified for molecular biology, protein chemistry, and cell biology, as well as screening collections for drug discovery

Inorganic chemistry

A portfolio of high-purity inorganic compounds, pure elements, metals, and catalysts for a wide range of research and industrial applications

Organic chemistry

Reagents and materials for synthesis and study of reaction mechanisms, e.g., air- and moisture-sensitive reagents and building blocks

Specialty and bulk chemicals

When your projects require you to go beyond the catalog, save time and resources by turning to Thermo Fisher Scientific. We offer custom chemicals, bulk, testing, and packaging solutions. We manufacture and source a broad selection of bulk and semi-bulk chemicals that can be tailored to meet your research and development needs. Our specialty and bulk fine chemicals and custom reagents are manufactured under a detailed and robust quality management program, and are shipped with lot-specific Certificates of Analysis and Material Safety Data Sheets.
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