specialty chemicals & bulk chemicals

Specialty chemicals and bulk

Thermo Fisher Scientific manufactures and sources a broad selection of bulk and semi-bulk chemicals that can be tailored to meet your research and development needs. Our chemicals are manufactured under a detailed and robust quality management program, and are shipped with lot-specific Certificates of Analysis and Material Safety Data Sheets.

When the products you need are not readily available off the shelf or from a catalog, or you need a specialty chemical, save time and resources by turning to Thermo Fisher Scientific’s brands as the partner you can trust for your specialized chemical requirements. We offer a customized solution to meet your needs, offering you the optimal service each and every time. We have categorized our products into the following:

Our Thermo Scientific, Fisher Chemical, and Fisher Bioreagent labeled products can be customized to meet your unique requirements for solvents of various grades and purities, buffers, derivatizing reagents, standards, and solutions.

Fisher Chemical

Our fine chemicals products, available under the Acros Organics, Alfa Aesar, and Maybridge brands, include organics, inorganics, pure elements, metals, and materials for many industrial and manufacturing applications as well as select life science products for biotechnology and biopharma.

Acros Organics
Alfa Aesar