Artist’s rendition of clinical researcher and AAV and Lenti virus particles

Gene therapy research holds great promise for treating a wide range of diseases that were once thought untreatable. Explore our portfolio of high-quality gene therapy products and services to discover the tools you need to move your project from research to clinical trials and commercial gene therapy manufacturing.

Adeno-associated virus

Our industry-leading and scalable solutions for adeno-associated virus (AAV) vector development can help you throughout your AAV manufacturing process, whether you need equipment, consumables, CDMO services or field applications support. Additionally, we take great measures to provide assurance of supply for our products to help you advance your program from the lab through commercial manufacturing.


Cost-effective lentiviral vector (LV) production is critical to meeting commercial demand, and a smooth scale-up to clinical production is essential. To address these needs, we have optimized solutions to help reduce production costs and streamline your transition from gene therapy research to clinical scale.

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RNA and DNA therapeutics

Accelerate your nucleic acid-based therapeutic drug discovery, development, and commercialization when you partner with the Thermo Fisher Scientific RNA therapeutics supply team. You’ll gain access to innovative platform technologies, technical expertise for RNA therapeutics, manufacturing scales, and customized solutions for your entire workflow from compound synthesis, purification and analysis, to formulation and delivery.

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Contract development and manufacturing services

When outsourcing your production of viral vectors for gene therapy, you need a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) with experience. Having manufactured more than 150 clinical lots of viral vectors used in clinical trials, including AAV, AdV, RV, HSV, and LV, as well as having supported many first-in-human cell and gene therapy clinical trials, we have the knowledge and skills to meet your viral vector production needs. Our experienced viral vector CDMO professionals can help you with process development, optimization, scale-up, analytical development, and qualification of viral vectors for gene therapy manufacturing. Our CDMO viral vector services can also facilitate clinical and commercial supply of drug substances and formulated drug products to transition your product from the laboratory through clinical trials and, ultimately, to commercial supply.

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Services and customization

When you need a trusted partner that is committed to solving your toughest technical and commercial challenges, we can deliver fit for purpose solutions across your gene therapy manufacturing workflow. Our unparalleled breadth of Gibco products and services can be customized to your gene therapy research and production of viral vectors and our customized fluid transfer products, and custom chromatography services can help you develop new and emerging production purification strategies. Our therapeutics commercial supply team is ready to help enable your clinical development and commercial gene therapy manufacturing through committed partnerships with your security of supply as our top priority.

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Featured story

Partnership that makes a difference in rare-disease research

Joseph Hann

When Joseph Hann was almost 4 years old his parents got news that no parent wants for their child. Joseph had a rare form of Batten disease, a rare genetic neurodegenerative disease that causes seizures, vision loss, cognitive impairment, and early death. At the time of his diagnosis, there was no treatment for the form of Batten disease Joseph has, CLN 7. This is a fast-moving disease where progression is measured in weeks and months, not years. When a crucial Gibco product was needed, Thermo Fisher Scientific understood the gravity of the situation and made sure the team of scientists researching a treatment for Joseph got what they needed quickly.

One in 10 people have a rare disease and more than half of them are children. Just as we worked with the team researching a treatment for Joseph, we want to partner with you by providing best-in-class support and solutions that can integrate into your complete workflow. You can rely on high-quality Thermo Fisher Scientific gene therapy products, knowledge, and expertise gained from decades of R&D and global collaborations. Together, we can help you advance your gene therapy.


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