Real-time PCR qualified solution for vaginal microbiota investigations

Urogenital infections, including bacterial vaginosis, urinary tract infections, and vaginitis, afflict over 1 billion women each year. Our qualified solution for vaginal microbiota investigations combines the sensitivity and specificity of Applied Biosystems TaqMan real-time PCR assays with the flexibility and scalability of the QuantStudio family of real-time PCR systems. Choose the content and format that you require to implement this flexible, scalable, and low-cost real-time PCR testing solution in your laboratory.

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Features of this solution

  • Widest range of both commensal and pathogenic microbes compared to other currently available molecular tests
  • Qualified content including positive controls, validated user guide, and analytical validation
  • Higher specificity, accuracy, and precision compared to traditional culture and microscopy methods
  • Flexible formats—choose from four assay formats, including preloaded Applied Biosystems OpenArray plates
  • Lowest cost per sample, due in part to the low reagent costs of OpenArray nanofluidic technology compared to other commercially available solutions

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On-demand webinar:
Vaginal Microbiota Investigations: Increasing Insight, Reducing Cost

  • Learn about the role of both pathogenic and commensal microbiota involved in vaginal infections
  • Learn about our real-time PCR solutions for detecting vaginal microbiota from a single sample quickly and cost effectively
  • Learn about how this solution can be implemented in your laboratory with ease

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What’s included as part of this qualified solution?

Qualified TaqMan Assays 

OpenArray format (flexible panel) 

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TaqMan OpenArray Vaginal Microbiota Comprehensive Panel 

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Single-tube assays 

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Controls and master mixes

Amplification control  

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Extraction control 

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TaqMan OpenArray Master Mix  

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Data and support

Application note 

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Workflow application guide 

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Compliance and training products/services 

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The role of real-time PCR in vaginal microbiota investigations

Traditional culture-based research methods for investigations into microbiota related to bacterial vaginosis can lack sensitivity and specificity, and can be subjective and inaccurate.

Quantitative PCR (qPCR) can detect slow-growing, difficult-to-cultivate, or uncultivable microorganisms, and can be used when traditional microbiological techniques are inadequate, ambiguous, time-consuming, difficult, or costly. Real-time PCR techniques provide better categorization and detection of these microorganisms. 

This flexible, scalable, and low-cost real-time PCR testing solution for vaginal microbiota offers researchers a low-cost solution for vaginal and urogenital microbiota investigations.

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Why handle your analytical validation (AV) in-house, when using our AV consulting services can speed up the launch process by up to 75% and cut costs by up to half? We’ll consult with you to develop and optimize your validation workflow, while providing data analysis support and template documentation to fully maximize your instrument and reagent investment.

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