Real-time PCR Solution for Urinary Tract Microbiota Detection

The need for speed and accuracy in UTM pathogen detection

Increase your speed, sensitivity, and specificity for urinary tract pathogen detection

Although widely used, culture-based methods for the detection of pathogens involved in urinary tract infections (UTIs) lack sensitivity, are subjective, take a long time, and have been shown to miss a significant percentage of positive cases. Current culture plating methods can typically take anywhere from 18 to 30 hours—even longer with subsequent antimicrobial sensitivity analysis.

A new molecular solution

Our new real-time PCR solution enables rapid urinary tract microbiota (UTM) detection in under five hours—allowing for flexible content, and optimized for multiple throughputs at a low cost per sample. This is the first commercially available molecular solution for UTM pathogen detection that labs can implement themselves.

Verification data demonstrates our solution is 33% more accurate when compared to traditional culture-based methods of detection.

Features of this solution

  • Rapid detection—only 5 hours from sample to answer
  • Complete end-to-end solution—optimized for use on Applied Biosystems QuantStudio™ Real-time PCR systems with verified sample-to-answer workflow
  • Increased specificity and sensitivity—33% more accurate in urinary tract pathogen detection when compared to culture methods
  • Scalable solution with high throughput option available —using OpenArray™ nanofluidic technology, capable of processing up to 600 samples per day on a single instrument*; and
  • Superior service and support--analytical validation consultation services available to help implement solution with ease
*Based on three instrument runs in a single 8 hour shift per day in a laboratory. Can increase to 800+ samples per day running workflows immediately after one another across multiple shifts in a day.

What’s included as part of this qualified solution?

Qualified TaqMan Assays 

OpenArray format (comprehensive panel)  

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OpenArray format (flexible panel) 

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Controls and master mixes

TaqMan Universal DNA Spike-in Control

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TaqMan Universal DNA Spike-In Control (5X)

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TaqMan Urinary Tract Microbiota Amplification Control

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Data and support


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Application note 

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Workflow application guide 

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Compliance and training products/services 

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On-demand webinar:
Urinary Tract Pathogen Detection: Reducing Time to Result

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Pathogen targets most commonly detected in urinary tract microbiota analysis, included in our solution:

Pathogen typeSpeciesAssay name ID
BacterialAcinetobacter baumanniiBa04932084_s1
Citrobacter freundiiBa04932088_s1
Enterobacter aerogenesBa04932080_s1
Enterobacter cloacaeBa04932087_s1
Enterococcus faecalisBa04646247_s1
Enterococcus faeciumBa04932086_s1
Escherichia coliBa04646242_s1
Klebsiella oxytocaBa04932079_s1
Klebsiella pneumoniaeBa04932083_s1
Morganella morganiiBa04932078_s1
Proteus mirabilisBa04932076_s1
Proteus vulgarisBa04932082_s1
Providencia stuartiiBa04932077_s1
Pseudomonas aeruginosaBa04932081_s1
Staphylococcus saprophyticusBa04932085_s1
Streptococcus agalactiaeBa04646276_s1
FungalCandida albicansFn04646233_s1

Analyze all targets simultaneously in a comprehensive panel or develop your own customized content solution to meet your individual laboratory needs.

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