Automated Specimen Processing

Where microbiology meets automation

Automate all aspects of specimen processing and utilize the joint knowledge of the industry’s microbiology and automation experts with the Thermo Scientific™ Automated Workflow Solution—a combination of our trusted line of microbiology products with the COPAN WASP™DT instruments and COPAN WASPLab™ full laboratory automation. Thermo Scientific microbiology products are optimized for automation so that you can get the most out of your system. With fully automated specimen processing, valuable resources can be redeployed to ensure optimal lab productivity. Remove the barriers to acquisition by choosing from a variety of flexible financing options and maximize your lab’s throughput.  

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WASP DT - walk away specimen processing aerial view

COPAN WASP™DT is the only instrument that addresses all aspects of microbiology specimen processing with standardized automation for consistent quality so that you can build a more efficient microbiology laboratory.

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WASPLab full laboratory information

WASPLab™ is a barcode-driven and conveyor-connected specimen processing system, utilizing robotic plate management and image recording to automate specimen workup in microbiology labs. The robotic plate management system, smart incubators, and state-of-the-art image acquisition technology are revolutionizing the microbiology workflow. WASPLab™ connects with WASP™ DT for a modular design and small footprint fit for your unique lab needs. 

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COPAN WASP™DT with Thermo Scientific™ Remel™ Prepared media
Effortless stackability and more information from a single plate

Use the COPAN WASP™DT with Thermo Scientific™ Remel™ Prepared media for maximum productivity with plate streaking.

Plated media optimized for automation ensures seamless sorting and stacking with the Sort-Out Plate Stacker, and with the option to dual streak onto bi-plates, you can gain more information from a single plate and redeploy skilled personnel to technical tasks.

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High-quality Gram stains
High-quality Gram stains

The Gram SlidePrep extends walk-away time and enables consistent quality and traceability by preparing slides and printing a permanent label.  

Need Gram stain supplies? Look no further.  

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Thermo Scientific™ Spectra™ chromogenic media
Cost-effective screening

Achieve early-recognition of hospital-acquired infections with Thermo Scientific™ Spectra™ chromogenic media for active surveillance. The COPAN WASP™DT’s multi-media carousel can process various culture setups using up to nine different types of media. 

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Efficient antimicrobial susceptibility testing
Efficient antimicrobial susceptibility testing

Improve efficiency with automated susceptibility and identification disk application using the COPAN WASP™DT instrument in combination with Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid™ Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing Disks. In over 100 different compounds, our aim is to provide you with what you need. 

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Collection & transport for all sample types
Collection & transport for all sample types

Combine the COPAN WASP™DT with leading collection and transport products for a more streamlined workflow and eliminate the need for batching with a system that enables continuous feeding and automatic opening and closing of specimen containers of any size.

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Featured automated specimen processing videos

Build a more efficient microbiology laboratory with the COPAN WASP™DT Base Instrument for walk-away, automated specimen processing. Structure the modular system according to the unique needs of your laboratory, and choose from a variety of instrument accessories to maximize current and future investments. Automate the preparation work associated with Gram slides with the COPAN WASP™DT Gram SlidePrep™ to ensure traceable, consistent and quality slide preparation. 

Automate all aspects of specimen processing with COPAN WASP™DT Instrument Accessories and Software. Structure the modular system according to the unique needs of your laboratory, and choose from a variety of instrument accessories, from enrichment broth inoculation to an automatic loop and tool changing station, to drive productivity from start to finish as well as maximize current and future investments. 

Expand testing capabilities and experience savings by replacing multiple products with ESwab™, a liquid transport swab system compatible with automated specimen processing.

Optimize specimen collection and preservation for enteric diagnostics with the COPAN FecalSwab™ System. An advanced liquid-based collection and preservation system for fecal specimens, COPAN FecalSwab™, is easy-to-use, allowing for sample collection from either rectal swabbing or direct from feces.

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Estimating Return on Investment for Enhanced Automated Specimen Processing in the Clinical Laboratory

This study by Penn State College of Medicine examines the impact of implementing automated specimen preparation technology by freeing skilled staff to perform more technical tasks, and absorbing expanded operations without the need for additional staff.  

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Smarter by design

Smarter by design: boost laboratory efficiency with an automation-compatible universal plate format

Truly optimize your laboratory’s specimen processing workflow with the new automation-compatible SmartPlate design for Thermo Scientific™ Remel™  and Oxoid™  prepared culture media. 

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