About B2B

eProcurement (B2B) is our end-to-end electronic procurement solution that integrates your procurement system with our order management system. This secure connection will allow you to shop a customized Thermo Fisher Scientific online catalog, return a shopping cart back to your system for approval and then submit an electronic purchase order for electronic invoicing all within your eProcurement system.

  • Easy access—our catalog is available in your procurement system
  • Faster order to cash cycle—orders and invoices are received and processed automatically
  • Improved profitability—orders are 75% less to process vs. phone or fax orders
  • Increased efficiency—reduced manual intervention and error handling in ordering and invoicing
  • Partnership—procurement has better order control and can direct traffic to the Thermo Fisher Scientific 


A B2B connection can help you be more productive:

  • eInvoicing and consolidated purchase orders
  • Paperless transactions
  • Real-time spend

A B2B can help you control spend:

  • Vendor consolidation
  • Reduced transaction cost
  • Internal approval routing
Hosted eCatalog

A buyer hosted catalog is a customized file containing all product data, including your personal and list pricing which is produced and maintained by Thermo Fisher. The catalog file is uploaded to your procurement platform, where you can search, compare, and purchase products electronically. Some platforms also use a “Marketplace” feature where our products, prices, delivery times etc. can be compared directly against our competitors. Examples of catalog based procurement platforms are SciQuest, cc-Hubwoo, and Science Warehouse. Thermo Fisher Scientific operates with a number of catalog formats including .XLS, .CIF, .CSV, .XML, and .TXT.


The industry standard for a catalog solution is the punchout catalog also referred to as Supplier Hosted.  Once you’ve enabled punchout, you can buy products on our website easily through your eProcurement system. Just add products to your cart and the selected products can be “punched back” into your procurement system for automated order approval by staff such as lab managers, health and safety, and finance, before the order is placed. One value of punchout is that you will have all your purchasing and supplier information in one easy to report system – allowing strong control and management of your supply base.

Our eProcurement connections are in place worldwide across a wide network of integration platforms. Working closely with our own integration partner, Liaison, we can offer "any to any" connections to our customers. We can match to almost any format, so if you have specific requirements that are unique to your business we can discuss how we can meet your specifications.

  • Amici
  • Ariba
  • Coupa
  • ESM Soluti Solutions
  • GHX
  • Jaggaer
  • Lab Cloud
  • Oracle
  • Perfect Commerce
  • Point Purchasing
  • Proactis
  • Prodigo Solutions
  • SAP
  • Science Warehouse
  • Unimarket
  • Workday

If you don’t see your eProcurement partner listed above, please contact the team. We do work with other partners and with customized connections as needed.

How to use Punchout
  1. Log into eProcurement marketplace (e.g., Jaggaer or Ariba)
  2. Select the Thermo Fisher Scientific icon, which opens to your Thermo Fisher Scientific landing page
  3. Browse or search for products (or use Quick Order if part numbers are known)
  4. Once all items are added to the shopping cart, proceed to checkout
  5. Once checkout is completed, the cart is returned to the marketplace for internal routing and order generation
Electronic purchasing to eInvoicing

Electronic purchase order: The transmission of purchase orders electronically is an important part of the electronic procurement process. We can receive electronic purchase orders in several formats. This will ensure your orders are received automatically without any manual intervention. Thermo Fisher can also send back purchase order acknowledgements and even alert you with electronic shipment notifications to keep you aware of your order every step along the way.

eInvoicing is the term that refers to transferring invoices electronically. eInvoicing with Thermo Fisher Scientific removes the requirement for manual entry, reducing human errors. eInvoicing projects are becoming commonplace with customers moving to streamline their payment process and increase business efficiency.

Thermo Fisher can process invoices created in a number of different data formats including .EDI, .XML, and .CSV. We can eInvoice either directly to your host system or via an eInvoicing platform. If you would like to set up eInvoicing with Thermo Fisher Scientific with an existing platform, the process can take as little as two weeks. Once eInvoicing is set up, it should require minimal maintenance


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