The right mix of tools and technologies is needed to observe, follow, and probe deeper into cancer cellular networks. Consequently, the role of research antibodies in basic and translational research cannot be overstated. The ability to produce highly purified target-specific antibodies has made it possible to detect, quantify, and observe the ways in which specific proteins function within tissue, cells, and extracellular compartments. The use of research antibodies has an important place in the greater context of powerful preclinical cancer models, genomics and proteomics tools, and cellular imaging modalities that continue to fuel advances in basic science and medicine.

We offer thousands of primary and secondary antibodies for use in cancer research using:

  • IF and IHC
  • Luminex™ assays

Whether your research is focused on proliferative signaling, metastasis, apoptosis, autophagy, metabolism, inflammation, tumor suppressors, or any other cancer-related research area, we have a broad selection of research antibodies to help ensure your success.

By downloading a copy of Thermo Fisher Scientific’s 75-page cancer research handbook, “Exploring cancer proliferative signaling pathways” you will:

  • Learn about the major milestones in the study of cancer proliferative signaling
  • Discover how advances in cancer research have enabled practical applications in targeted cancer cell therapy
  • Gain access to detailed protocols for a wide range of experimental techniques
  • Find the right mix of tools and technologies to advance your research

You may now download your free copy of "Exploring cancer proliferative signaling pathways".

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 Luminex Assays

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