AcroMetrix Multi-Analyte ctDNA Plasma Control (RUO)

Coming soon! AcroMetrix Multi-Analyte ctDNA Plasma Control (RUO)—the first ctDNA control in normal human plasma matrix in the market.

Liquid Biopsy is a non-invasive research method for identifying biomarkers present in circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA). Recent ctDNA detection technologies could potentially revolutionize early cancer detection. However, with the advent of a new technologies comes an equally important need for novel reference materials and quality assessment schemes to ensure quality test implementation. 

Thermo Scientific™ AcroMetrix™ Multi-Analyte ctDNA Plasma Control A-E (RUO)1 will provide a solution to help with validation and daily QC monitoring of liquid biopsy assays. The controls  are at five different variant allele frequencies (VAF) for 13 variants (SNV, CNV, insertion and deletion) targeting lung, breast and colon cancer to help with validating platform agnostic liquid Biopsy assays.

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1For Research Use Only.