Metabolomics, the comprehensive analysis of all small molecules, endogenous and exogenous, in a biological system, affords revealing insights beyond what other omics technologies offer. Characterization of metabolic phenotypes enables biomarker discovery, disease taxonomy and tracking treatment effects. Quantitative comprehensive metabolome analysis requires analytical rigor in order to minimize technical variance across the analysis of larger sample sets aiding the detection of discriminating metabolites. The combination of high resolution accurate mass measurements with intelligence-driven fragmentation in a single workflow enables simultaneous confident identification of knowns and structural elucidation of unknown biomarkers.

In this presentation, we introduce the semi-targeted metabolomics workflow using a new compact HRAM Orbitrap mass spectrometer designed for exceptional usability and equipped with analytical capabilities for small molecule analysis.

Learn about:

  • MS instrumentation designed for exceptional usability resulting in increased productivity
  • Which analytical conditions generate high quality insightful metabolomics results
  • Innovations for small molecule analysis that lead to confident and trustworthy data
  • A metabolomics case study implementing a semi-targeted workflow for polar metabolites and lipids