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The new Thermo Scientific Nexsa XPS system is the first compact XPS system with the ability to integrate 4 complementary techniques to maximize your analysis techniques: Raman, ISS, UPS and REELS. Combining XPS with Raman provides a unique look at the material chemistry with elemental and physical insights. By integrating the two techniques on the same platform, a much richer analysis is available; true correlative XPS-Raman data is straightforward and fast, opening up new and exciting materials characterization opportunities.

XPS provides surface chemical state information for a wide range of samples, including metals, polymers, nanomaterials and oxides. Raman is an essential technique for understanding the molecular structure of materials such as graphene, carbon nanomaterials, polymers and minerals. Together, the two techniques can provide a more complete understanding of the sample being analyzed.

See how Nexsa XPS system helps you utilize both techniques simultaneously.

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