ALD-growth analysis

The Thermo Scientific Nexsa Surface Analysis system is an XPS system integrated with other techniques like Raman, ISS, REELS and UPS. It has the capability to provide the complete picture of a semiconductor material from one instrument, while providing data points from multiple techniques. Along with sophisticated surface analysis software, Thermo Scientific Avantage Data System, which provides precise and valuable checks on film thickness. In this application note see how XPS, ISS and REELS provide measurements on band gap, surface coverage, and composition and thickness all from one instrument, Nexsa. 

See how Nexsa provided a complete analytical picture of ALD-grown ultra-thin films. 

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Nexsa Surface Analysis System

Thermo Scientific Nexsa XPS

This multi-technique surface analysis system offers high throughput without sacrificing research grade results. Integrated techniques include ISS, UPS, REELS and Raman. 

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