By collecting background measurements automatically, staff can continue running samples without interruption or worrying about when the next background measurement is due. This feature, Smart Background, is available on the new Thermo Scientific OMNIC Paradigm Software package and built specifically to help QAQC environments reach the peak of productivity through automation: minimizing down-time, doubling sample throughput and eliminating manual steps.

Paradigm Software’s partner in productivity is the new Thermo Scientific Nicolet Summit FTIR Spectrometer. he Summit has built-in features like the LightBar that gives users instant visual information on sample and instrument health, empowering technicians to run samples confidently and continuously.

See how you can double your throughput.

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Automated background collection tech note

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Note: Remote demos can be done with a standard set of materials, which demo providers have at their disposal. If you want to conduct a demo with your own sample, please coordinate that with your demo provider who will be reaching out to schedule the demo. Samples must be non-hazardous, non-toxic materials, and will require a MSDS for verification.