Avizo Software Multiscale analysis
Left: Li-ion cylindrical cell - Inspection of battery’s structure - Courtesy of Paul Shearing’s group, University College London Right: Battery Cathode - Active material connectivity analysis

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Avizo Software for batteries and energy materials

Thanks to advanced image processing and segmentation techniques, Avizo Software makes it possible to extract key quantitative parameters of the microstructure and macrostructure of the involved materials.

At the macro level, Avizo Software can be used to assess the quality of the manufacturing process, looking into packaging, checking solder points, and detecting possible leakage or porosity and delamination. It can also examine the aging process, looking into foil, cathode and anode morphological changes or core leakage.

At the microscopic level, Avizo Software allows for the estimation of the tortuosity and permeability of the porosity structure of electrode and separator; thus, effective transport parameters  can be further used in the electrochemical performance simulation. Quantification of triple phase boundary (TPB), phase distribution and connectivity further allows for characterization of the cell’s performance.

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