Avizo Software for Dual Beam Microscopes

Improve your understanding of the structure, properties, and performance of materials with 3D visualization and analysis software. Thermo Scientific Avizo Software for DualBeam microscopes provides optimized workflows for advanced materials characterization and quality control.

Prepare, visualize and segment in a single workflow environment

Obtain better results thanks to pre-processing tools


Pre-processing your raw data accelerates getting good results, saving time and money.

  • Scaling, calibration, conversion, re-sampling
  • Image enhancement, comprehensive filtering and convolution, Fourier frequency transforms
  • Artifact reduction algorithms
  • Advanced multi-mode 2D/3D automatic registration
  • Image stack alignment, arithmetic, correlation, fusion

Explore your material properties with advanced visualization tools


3D visualization tools let you explore your materials with interactive scene and direct object manipulation.

  • Interactive high-quality volume
  • Orthogonal, oblique, cylindrical and curved slicing
  • Contouring and iso-surface extraction
  • Maximum intensity or other projections
  • Vector and tensor visualization

Save time with automatic segmentation


Pre-processing clears your data of artifacts, noise and misalignments. Automatic segmentation uses Machine Learning models to automate repetitive tasks for maximum efficiency and high-quality analysis.

  • Thresholding and auto-segmentation, object separation, automatic labeling
  • Region growing, snakes, interpolation, wrapping, smoothing
  • Morphological processing, including watershed and basins
  • Machine Learning-based segmentation
  • Automatic tracing of individual fibers
  • Skeletonization
  • 3D surface reconstruction
  • Grid generation for FEA/CFD

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Avizo Software

Avizo Software for DualBeam microscopy provides a reliable, fully automatable, customizable, and easy-to-use solution. Innovate faster and produce highly reliable materials that perform better.

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