Micrograph analysis of advanced materials is a challenging problem due to ever-changing detection and measurement requirements. It is nearly impossible to provide a single 'black box' solution to solve all analysis needs, even within a single material system. MIPAR's approach is to provide customized, robust, and problem-specific solutions that overcome real challenges in automating micrograph quantification, that are uniquely tailored to each case. In this webinar, we will demonstrate how some of the most challenging problems in micrograph analysis are solved using MIPAR. 

  • Twinned grain analysis is a notorious problem in materials science due to almost identical contrast between twins and grains. Using next-generation machine learning techniques, MIPAR was able to reliably detect the twinned grain structure and measure its characteristic size
  • Another analysis problem, quite popular in additive manufacturing and powder metallurgy, is shape characterization of loose powder particles. Using MIPAR’s powerful algorithm development environment, a solution to these challenges was devised, leading to improved confidence in quantifiable powder batch differences that are often difficult to tease out.
  • Lastly, nanofiber analysis is popular in many manufacturing applications, where fiber thickness, length and porosity strongly affect material properties. State-of-the-art deep learning technology allowed for fiber/background segmentation despite similar gray values, and MIPAR allows the user to generate thickness distributions, intercepts measurements and porosity densities in the entire network, leveraging statistical power to solve this challenging problem.

John Sosa is the CEO and Co-Founder of MIPAR Software. He received his Ph.D. in Materials Science & Engineering from The Ohio State University, while focusing on 2D and 3D microstructural characterization of titanium alloys.


MIPAR Software is an innovative image analysis company, and the makers of MIPAR Image Analysis Software. MIPAR is a novel image analysis tool that allows users to reliably extract measurements from their images. Handling challenging applications in materials science and life science, MIPAR has facilitated automated solutions to hundreds of practical and often extremely challenging problems.

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