Thermo Scientific ColorSEM Technology turns greyscale SEM into a color technique with instantaneous elemental information. It is always on and enables any user to acquire elemental data – you’ll have more access to complete information than ever before.

Not convinced yet? Watch our videos below.

Elemental information in the blink of an eye

This video is taken on the Thermo Scientific Prisma E SEM equipped with a 30 mm2 EDS detector. We demonstrate the speed of ColorSEM Technology with composition automatically identified (AutoID) and easy selection of elements of interest.

Highlight contrast that would otherwise go unnoticed

ColorSEM Technology is always on – you no longer have to switch applications when you need elemental information; instead live results are shown in the SEM user interface. This video highlights several forms of elemental information (point and area).

Reliable results

Elemental information is useless when it is not reliable. This video shows how ColorSEM Technology is capable of dealing with X-ray peak overlap and deconvolution – making sure that your elemental information is correct and relevant, even in live color imaging.