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Our partner service centers that include contract research organizations (CRO) offer three unique levels of cryo-EM service ideal for scientists who are curious about cryo-EM but want proof that the technology can provide high-value structural insights for their drug discovery projects.

In this controlled environment, you can discover the value and true potential of cryo-EM for structure-based drug design. Learn the technology from cryo-EM experts and give yourself an unprecedented advantage with never-before-seen structural insights that make for more effective drugs.

These service centers have partnered with Thermo Fisher Scientific to offer you the services you need to succeed.

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Starter Kit — Level 1

Determine if cryo-EM is right for your sample

Not all samples are fit for cryo-EM. Find out if yours is with the Starter Kit service. Level one of this program gives you access to technologies that determines if your sample is suitable for exploration using cryo-EM.

  • Intake to check sample prerequisites
  • Cryo-EM grid screening
  • Optional 2D classification
  • Learn cryo-EM basics


Explore — Level 2

Obtain 3D structural insights

Proof of concept for cryo-EM as it relates to your project is likely limited. Find the proof you’ve been searching for with the Explore service. You’ll get reliable, secure cryo-EM access to quickly create a 3D reconstruction of your sample and identify structural insights that were previously unattainable.

  • Determine optimal cryo-EM condition
  • Collect and process data
  • Learn cryo-EM theory


Impact — Level 3

Apply cryo-EM to multiple projects

Cryo-EM is a significant investment. The Impact service gives you the opportunity to continue using this technology in a controlled environment. Use this membership model to apply cryo-EM on as many projects as you want and build confidence in routinely solving any structure.

  • Applications expert guidance and support
  • Practical training program
  • Regular user group meetings  

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Every service center supports all levels of cryo-EM services in a slightly different way. We can help you determine which service center is right for you.

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