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EPD TruDose for dosimetry in short pulsed X-ray fields
Several X-Ray sources for mobile applications are available. The most compact, lightweight and robust models use a simple flash technique to produce the high voltages required for X-Ray generation.
Dose Reanalysis Feasability Study Using Harshaw TLD™ LiF:Mg,Cu,P
Thermo Scientific™ Harshaw™ TLD high residual MCP material is studied regarding the feasibility of reanalysis of LiF-based materials.
Extensive Fade Study of Harshaw LiF TLD™ Materials
Two parts of a fade study on signal loss and sensitivity loss were carried out in a long-term period of 500+ days at temperatures of 0˚C, 20˚C, and 40˚C using more than 3500 dosimeters.
An Improved Harshaw TLD™ Extremity Dosimeter DXT-RAD Beta Ring
The rugged and easy to wear Thermo Scientific™ DXT-RAD™ passive extremity dosimeter system is presented.
Long-Term Study of Thermo Scientific™ Harshaw™ LiF Glow Curve Peaks and Sensitivities
Part III of a long term study of Thermo Scientific™ Harshaw™ TLD LiF materials presents analysis and sensitivity change over 24 months for LiF:Mg,Ti and LiF:Mg,Cu,P materials stored at 0°C, 20°C, and 40°C.
Lower Limit of Detection Study and Uncertainty Analysis of Harshaw LiF TLD Material
A long term study of the lower limit of detection (LLD) and uncertainty analysis of various LiF materials at storage temperatures of 0˚C, 20˚C, and 40˚C using more than 3500 dosimeters is presented.
Type Test a New Personnel Dosimeter System to IEC 62387:2012
This paper presents the high achieving type test results and uncertainty analysis from a series of tests performed on the Thermo Scientific™ Harshaw™ Model 8850 Personal Dosimeter.
UV-Induced Bleaching of Deep Traps in Harshaw TLD LiF:Mg,Cu,P and LiF:Mg,Ti
The effects of UV-induced bleaching of deep traps on Thermo Scientific™ Harshaw™ thermoluminescent LiF:Mg,Cu,P and LiF:Mg,Ti materials were investigated.