DXR3 Raman Upgrade

The new family of Raman instruments, DXR3, is here with advanced performance and flexibility. The best part is that these new DXR3 models are the same price as their previous models. The Thermo Scientific DXR3 Raman Microscope and Thermo Scientific DXR3 SmartRaman Spectrometer provide faster access to Raman data with automatic x-axis calibration which eliminates manual calibration for improved efficiency. Multi-use labs can move between applications faster with additional laser options; built-in features like auto-recognition and stored alignment allow any user to reconfigure an instrument in seconds.

DXR3 SmartRaman Spectrometer:
Users looking for high throughput options should consider the SmartRaman Spectrometer which is built for bulk sample analysis.

DXR3 Raman Microscope:
For research applications that require high sensitivity and spatial resolution consider our point-and-shoot microscope, the DXR3 Microscope.

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Offer valid on DXR3 Microscope and DXR3 SmartRaman Spectrometer only.