Find more low impedance faults with the nProber IV


Development of today's high performance logic devices frequently requires fast and robust analysis of large "comb" test structures. Low-impedance faults in these metal nets are often extremely difficult to localize.  The nProber IV System uses EBIRCH2 and the LEEN2 electron beam to rapidly locate such challenging defects by inducing a measurable resistance change in the structure. 

In this video, see how the nProber IV LR System:

  • Moves the probes and the sample stage together, allowing localization of defects on large structures
  • Lands and positions probes on a large "comb" test structure with electron beam currents as high as 100 nanoamps, localizing low impedance shorts over areas several hundreds of microns across
  • Uses EBIRCH2 to scan the electron beam across the field of view and show the exact location of the fault, allowing for successful TEM analysis
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