Hyphenated techniques for polymer analysis

Analytical measurements are typically taken with one technique at a time. We’re here to encourage the use of hyphenated techniques to boost your polymer analysis; it will save you time, enhance your understanding of the materials characteristics and provide data confidence. Whether the goal is quality assurance, failure analysis or reverse engineering combining analytical techniques can provide a clear picture of your materials identity, molecular structure, characterization, and more. 

See how with these application notes and webinars:

  • Polymer Composition Analysis: Exploring with FTIR and Other Spectroscopy Methods
  • Complementary Use of Raman and FTIR Imaging for the Analysis of Multi-Layer Polymer Composites
  • Rheology-Raman Spectroscopy: Tracking Polymer Crystallization with the Combination of a Rheometer and a Raman Microscope 
  • Benefits of combining Rheometry with Raman Spectroscopy for Material Science
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