IC power plant notebook

Review the work of monitoring ionic contamination levels for water and steam contaminants across the typical water chemistry matrices, including:

  • Pure Water
  • Pure Water with Amine Additives
  • Borated Water
  • Closed Cooling Water
  • Environmental Samples
Determination of trace anions in ultrapure water using capillary ion chromatography

See recent improvements in detection limits, sample handling, and blank stability.




Determination of trace anions in basic solutions by single pass AutoNeutralization and ion chromatography

Study discussions on a Single Pass AutoNeutralization by using the high static capacity of a 4 mm Thermo Scientific Dionex AERS 500 Anion Electrolytically Regenerated Suppressor to neutralize the base samples in a single pass.



Improved determination of trace anions in high purity waters by high-volume direct injection with the Dionex EG40 eluent generator

Learn how a high-volume direct injection technique is used to achieve sensitive detection at low to sub-μg/L levels without the use of a concentrator column, sample loading pump, and additional valve.

Configuring the Dionex Modular HPIC system with an inline water purifier and inline calibration for trace anion determinations in ultrapure water

Read the instructions for installing a trace anion application using the Thermo Scientific Dionex AutoPrep and Thermo Scientific Dionex EWP Electrolytic Water Purifier modules on the Thermo Scientific Dionex ICS-5000+ HPIC system.

Fast and sensitive determination of transition metals in power industry waters using ion chromatography

Study the separation of iron (III), copper (II), nickel (II), and zinc (II) complexes with PDCA followed by postcolumn PAR reaction and absorbance detection at 530 nm.

Determination of Polyacrylic Acid in Nuclear Power Plant Pressurized Water Reactor Secondary Feed Water

See the description of a simple SEC analysis method for the determination of low concentrations (<20 µg/L) of polyacrylic acid (PAA) in secondary feed water.

Using a Reagent-Free ion chromatography system to monitor trace anion contamination in the extracts of electronic components

View the update of AN153. It uses a hydroxide gradient similar to but faster than the previous program and separates a new set of 14 anions.

Determination of Sodium at the Parts-Per-Trillion Level in the Presence of High Concentrations of Ethanolamine in Power Plant Waters

Review this description of an IC method that incorporates the most recent advances for trace sodium determination in power plant matrices.

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