Analysis carbohydrates TN

Read about the advantages of using High-Performance Anion-Exchange Chromatography with Pulsed Amperometric Detection (HPAE-PAD) for carbohydrate separation and how it permits direct quantification of nonderivatized carbohydrates at low-picomole levels with minimal sample preparation and cleanup.

Carbohydrates analysis AN

Review a selection of applications on glycobiology, food and beverage, biofuels, and others in this application compendium.

Carbohydrates kombucha

See how this application demonstrates an accurate method for determining simple carbohydrates in kombucha using high-performance anion-exchange chromatography with pulsed amperometric detection HPAE-PAD.

Carbohydrates Coffee

View the testing results to see how it demonstrates the linearity, precision, and recovery of common coffee carbohydrates in samples ranging from instant coffee to green coffee beans. Compare two methods and their advantages and disadvantages.

Low and Non-Caloric Sweeteners AN

Learn how an HPAE-PAD method can be used successfully to determine low- or non-caloric sweeteners in five commercial sugar-free or low-sugar products using a Dionex CarboPac PA20 column. This application can also use a PdH reference electrode.

Lactose in dairy

The goal of this application is to develop an HPAE-PAD method for the determination of trace lactose in “lactose-free” and “reduced-lactose” labeled products using new column technology.

Determination lactose non dairy

View this sensitive and accurate method to determine lactose and lactulose in dairy products, including lactose-free products, using HPAE-PAD in six different commercial products.

Organic acids
Organic acids in beer

Review the results of high resolution chromatographic separations in beer samples using a 4µm resin anion-exchange separation column on a high-pressure modular IC system.

Organic acids
determination organic acids

View the demonstration of the determination of quinic, malic, and citric acids in cranberry and bilberry in this study.

Organic acids
Organic acids fruit juices

See how a method to determine organic acids in fruit juices and wines using IC with suppressed conductivity detection is developed.

Comprehensive beer analysis
Ion chromatography beer analysis

Learn how the use of ion chromatography can be a versatile technique for the analysis of beer and is becoming the method if choice.

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