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Making new and improved polymer composites isn’t easy, especially when you have an expensive sample or a limited sample amount. So how do you make high performance polymer composites using without sacrificing development time, sample waste or safe material handling?

Smaller is better.

Working successfully in small batches is key and requires the right equipment. Small batches allow you to make efficient use of your nanocomposites and new polymers with trial and error. Working repeatedly to refine the polymer before moving into production. Laboratory scale extruders for compounding and rheometers for material analysis enable the user to perfect their nanocomposites with reduced development time. During formulation development polymer developers get feedback on the material instantly while changing the extrusion parameters. Thus saving time and material to reach the desired characteristics of the new polymer nanocomposite. So yes, smaller is better!

See how we recommend making and analyzing polymer nanocomposites by downloading our compendium.