Specification sheet: Motorized Tilt & Rotation Sample Holder

Every sample has its own specific demands. The shape of some samples requires flexible manipulation to obtain optimum imaging results.

Samples can contain lines, holes, multi-layer structures or other specific features. To obtain the best image of these features, the operator needs to position the sample such that the opening angle towards the detector is optimized.

The Motorized Tilt & Rotation Sample Holder provides the solution for imaging these features by tilting and rotating the sample. It is controlled via a dedicated ProSuite application and the computer-controlled operation enables smart rotation and tilting movements.

Rotating a feature that is off-center requires three-axial control. With the compucentric rotation function in the Motion Control software, this happens fully automatically. Tilting a feature causes a change in working distance and physical Y-position.

The pseudo-eucentric tilt function auto-corrects the Z-height by adjusting the focus distance. The Y-position of the Phenom stage is corrected simultaneously, driven by the Motion Control software with these automated sample manipulation capabilities, it is possible to image any feature on any sample in an intuitive and convenient way.

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