Multi-technique surface analysis of mineral oxides species

Coincident XPS and Raman surface analysis exposes your sample’s properties and opens up exciting new materials characterization opportunities.

The Thermo Scientific™ Nexsa™ XPS System is integrated with a Raman spectrometer to provide a multi-modal analysis platform. The system aligns the XPS analysis position exactly with the Raman analysis position, ensuring that the data is collected from the same position.

Download the application note “Multi-technique surface analysis of mineral oxides species” to learn how:

  • Surface contamination is removed with argon ion gas clusters;
  • Ratio of polymorphs in mixed samples can be measured with Raman spectroscopy;
  • Slight differences are observed with XPS in the valence band spectral shapes acquired from the pure anatase-TiO2 and rutile-TiO2 powders;
  • Raman shift peak positions improve the ability to differentiate between the anatase and rutile polymorphs;
  • Both techniques align concurrently to the same position within the vacuum system, ensuring data integrity while saving hours of acquisition time.