Localize and characterize single transistor SRAM defects with the nProber IV.


Typical SRAM localization identifies faults with limited precision within a six-transistor SRAM cell, which is not adequate to prepare TEM samples with the high success rate required for the most economic and scalable failure analysis workflows. By employing SRAM nanoprobing with the nProber IV System, localization can now be achieved to the single-transistor level, allowing for the preparation of a TEM sample and true root-cause identification.

In this video, see how the nProber IV LR System:

  • Nanoprobes a 7 nanometer commercially available sample
  • Uses enhanced automation capabilities, which result in fewer steps in the eFast process flow
  • Positions the probes over a cell with the six transistors to be tested
  • Collects data to locate the single defective transistor amongst the six and indentify exactly where a TEM analysis should be performed
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