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UV-Vis Spectrophotometers are an Invaluable Tool

As your brewery grows, so too will your analytical testing needs. When you are ready to expand your quality testing program a UV-Vis spectrophotometer will be a valuable addition to your in-house laboratory.

Analyzing beer quality with a spectrophotometer is a simple, quick and affordable option to assure consistency from bottle to bottle, batch to batch.

  • Get answers in real-time and make critical production decisions fast
  • Ensure your quality by adding qualitative data to compliment your sensory testing program
  • Run numerous photometric based assays such as color, bitterness and VDKs with ease

Max Kravitz of pFriem Family Brewers, shares the added benefits provided by integrating UV-Vis spectrophotometry methods to their testing processes ensures consistent quality and flavor.

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pFriem Brewery Case Study

Easy quality analysis with BeerCraft Software

Pre-programmed with 20 ASBC methods, Beercraft Software is a simple, quick and affordable solution to assure consistency from bottle to bottle and batch to batch.

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