Nexsa and Raman for graphene analysis
See how Raman and XPS provide enhanced analysis for advanced materials

In this brief presentation we’ll show using coincident Raman and XPS to provide deeper insight about 2-D materials, specifically boron nitride and molybdenum disulfide.  We’ll be using Imaging XPS with Raman look at the following properties:

  • Structural confirmation
  • Surface contamination
  • Chemical modification
  • Electronic properties

By having both techniques on the same platform you’re able collect all this information at once without having to hunt around for the same position moving from one instrument to another. We’re able to confirm that boron nitride was created in its correct hexagonal form and identify where and what chemical changes have occurred to the molybdenum disulfide on the surface of a silicon wafer.

Watch the webinar to XPS and Raman in action.

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