Semiconductor and chip analysis

Semiconductor devices have been key to the rapid pace of technology development. Continuing this rapid pace of technology development requires improved semiconductor devices; making them smaller, faster and cheaper. In order to advance these devices manufacturers require a deeper understanding of the material composition on the sub-micron and nano-scale levels. Understanding the composition of the material and the devices stress points will help manufacturers gain insights to help their new product development. Getting this information is easier said than done. The Thermo Scientific™ Pathfinder™ Alpine EDS platform was specifically designed to address this challenge.

In this presentation we'll demonstrate some of the key features designed to characterize and understand material composition: drift compensation, extreme element mapping and off-line data processing. We will show three types of analysis of semiconductor samples:

  1. Plan-view analysis of an array of micro-cells
  2. SEM cross-section view of a semiconductor device 
  3. TEM cross-section view of a semiconductor device
Run time: 15 minutes
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